Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety? Just a bad memory. Fear of the dentist? Today, nothing to fear. An incredible number of people neglect their oral health due to fear of a dental visit. An anxiety-prone temperament, a personal memory, or even the account of a traumatic dental experience from close individuals are some of the reasons that push […]

Children and the First Dental Visit

Children and their first visit to the dentist. Proper oral hygiene today, for a better smile tomorrow. Underestimating the importance of a dental visit at a young age, considering baby teeth only as a “temporary phase” of a child’s dentition, is a common mistake. Neglect and lack of attention from the eruption of the first […]

The Tecar Technology at the Service of Facial Health

Restoration of Well-being: Tecar Technology in Facial Health Service Dr. Eleonora, an expert in dentistry, is taking the care experience to a new level with the innovative use of Tecar radiofrequency. This technology, known to physiotherapists for muscle treatment, is proving to be a valuable resource for addressing joint and muscle problems in the facial […]