Restoration of Well-being: Tecar Technology in Facial Health Service

Dr. Eleonora, an expert in dentistry, is taking the care experience to a new level with the innovative use of Tecar radiofrequency. This technology, known to physiotherapists for muscle treatment, is proving to be a valuable resource for addressing joint and muscle problems in the facial area.

The Potential of Tecar in TM Treatment

Dr. Eleonora recently applied Tecar radiofrequency to treat a patient with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) issues. This targeted approach to facial muscles involves those associated with chewing, addressing the underlying causes of joint pain and TMJ afflictions.

A New Frontier of Wellness

This treatment journey began with the patient and promises results not only in terms of relief from joint pain but also in aesthetic aspects. Tecar radiofrequency offers a pleasant, non-invasive treatment, often associated with aesthetic medicine for its beneficial effects on the skin. However, the main focus remains the treatment of TMJ pathologies.

The Revolution of Dental Care

With Tecar, Studio Guarnaccia is redefining standards in dental care. The technology, applied with skill and care by Dr. Eleonora, represents a breakthrough in the treatment of TMJ pathologies, offering patients a more comprehensive and well-being-oriented approach.

Dr. Eleonora Romano.

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