Find cavities in a non-invasive way, without the use of ray RX.


The well-being and calmness of our patients are a priority. That’s why we have equipped our clinic with the latest state-of-the-art dental tools, including for the detection of even the most hidden cavities

How does it work

Thanks to a dental tool that utilizes laser technology for the early diagnosis of dental caries and other dental pathologies, we can identify cavities in their initial stages, when they are still small and not visible to the naked eye or traditional X-rays. This means that treatment can be carried out before the cavity further develops and causes permanent damage to the teeth.

The strengths

  • Early diagnosis
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Detection of hidden cavities
  • LED illumination
  • Non-invasive technology
  • Greater diagnostic precision
  • Better treatment planning

The tool emits a low-power laser light that is absorbed differently by healthy and carious tissues. Thanks to dedicated software, the device can generate precise and real-time images of the tooth, highlighting any areas of demineralization or carious lesions.

Furthermore, the use of the tool is painless and non-invasive, eliminating the need for traditional instruments such as probes and drills.

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