Children and their first visit to the dentist.

Proper oral hygiene today, for a better smile tomorrow.

Underestimating the importance of a dental visit at a young age, considering baby teeth only as a “temporary phase” of a child’s dentition, is a common mistake.

Neglect and lack of attention from the eruption of the first tooth could cause considerable damage, some permanent, to the smile and mouth well-being of our children. It’s important to know that Early Childhood Caries is one of the most common syndromes in pediatric age. The cause? Incorrect dietary and oral hygiene habits, insufficient fluoride prophylaxis, general health status, and socioeconomic level.

Relying on a pediatric dentist and implementing a series of good practices at home will allow your children to have a healthy smile in the future!

When to schedule the first dental visit?

It’s never too early. Certainly in the preschool years!

The first dental visit can prevent the formation of early cavities with pain, infection, chewing discomfort, tooth displacement, and malocclusion (i.e., incorrect closure of the dental arch that can prevent proper permanent dentition). Some congenital bone development alterations can be corrected much more easily the earlier the diagnosis is made.

And at home? Good and bad habits.

  • One of the things to absolutely avoid is letting our children fall asleep while sucking on sweet drinks. In general, frequent intake of simple sugars is definitely not good for our children’s oral health.
  • Having them chew foods rich in fiber will facilitate cleansing and stimulate saliva production, which has a protective function.
  • Cleaning the teeth with a gentle tool like a cotton swab should be started by parents as soon as possible.
  • The oral health of the mother is also very important, as caries bacteria are frequently transmitted from mother to child.
  • Among the most feared enemies by pediatric dentists is also the pacifier. Its use beyond 4 years of age can disrupt the proper development of teeth and jawbones.

    In conclusion, dear parents, it is necessary to assess the health by the age of 5-6 years at the latest, but doing so earlier certainly does not hurt. The pediatrician and the pediatric dentist have the necessary skills and the correct psychological approach.

Dr. Davide Guarnaccia – Medical Surgeon Specialist in Dentistry

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