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Odontoiatria Multidisciplinare

Odontoiatria Multidisciplinare

Un solo studio, molteplici figure specializzate pronte a risolvere ogni tuo problema

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Odontoiatria Pediatrica

Odontoiatria Pediatrica


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Odontoiatria Preventiva

Odontoiatria Preventiva


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Impianti Dentali

Impianti Dentali


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Davide Guarnaccia

is a well-known figure among our patients. As the owner and medical surgeon, specializing in dentistry, he has been leading Studio Guarnaccia for 30 years, focusing on the treatment and prevention of oral diseases. He believes in teamwork and the use of cutting-edge technologies to provide patients with high-quality care and comfort. His motto: Protecting your smile!

Eleonora Romano

has been part of the Studio Guarnaccia team since 2019, specializing in Gnathology, Orthodontics, and Pedodontics. She is passionate about working with young patients and has developed an approach aimed at ensuring that their dental experience is as serene as possible, thus preventing odontophobia, the dreaded “fear of the dentist.” Her motto is: “The greatest reward of my work lies in the smile of a child.”

Dylan Sofia

graduated in dentistry and dental prosthetics, joined our team about a year ago, specializing primarily in Preventive Dentistry: non-surgical periodontology (scaling and root planing), conservative treatments (cavity management), and endodontic therapies (root canal treatments). He is a sporty and dynamic individual who loves his job.

His motto is: “Saving your teeth is my goal, so we can continue smiling together.”

Sara Lupo

Dr. Sara Lupo, an enthusiastic and determined orthodontist, has been a valuable member of the Guarnaccia team for over two years. She is assisted at the chairside by her right-hand woman, Raffaella Lombardo. Always smiling, sunny, and in good spirits, she is known for her signature pink attire. She takes every patient’s problem to heart and turns it into a mission to accomplish.

Her motto: Making the world smile!

Vincenzo Buscemi

Dr. Vincenzo Buscemi has been a part of our multidisciplinary dental practice since 2013, specializing in dental hygiene and prevention of oral diseases. Vincenzo is a Dental Hygienist, graduated with honors in Dental Hygiene from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

Always attentive to the needs of the client, friendly, and personable, his greatest passion is his work.


Sara Ponzio

The young Dr. Sara joined the multidisciplinary team at Studio Guarnaccia in the second half of 2022. Dynamic, friendly, and very attentive to the needs of the patient; she specializes in dental hygiene for the preservation and prevention of oral diseases. She studied Dental Hygiene, graduating with top honors.

She loves traveling, animals, and photography, although her primary passion is her work.

Anna Infanti

Anna Infanti has been part of the “Studio Guarnaccia” team since 1999. First chairside assistant, then secretary, she is the first smile we encounter as soon as we step through the studio door. Her experience instills confidence in the patient. Sweetness, availability, and precision allow her to organize schedules, appointments, and customized financial plans for each patient.

Her motto: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

Chairside Assistant
Veronica CirinnĂ 

Veronica CirinnĂ  has been a chairside assistant to Dr. Davide Guarnaccia for 16 years. Dynamic and always smiling, in addition to organizing the workstation and all the necessary tools, she plays a crucial role in every appointment: conveying serenity to the patient. Her ace in the hole: sweetness.

Her motto: A smile is always a gift. Be generous!

Chairside Assistant
Raffaella Lombardo

Raffaella, chairside assistant and right-hand woman to Dr. Sara Lupo, determined and always smiling, has been part of the Guarnaccia team for over two years. She wears pink and brings joy and moral support to every patient.

Dental Sector Collaboratora
Margherita Agnello

Joining the team one year ago, Margherita serves as a “Dental Sector Collaborator” and assists various doctors in our staff, in addition to contributing to some administrative tasks.

Her motto is: “Seeing the smile and serenity return to the faces of our patients fills me with pride, especially on the faces of the little ones.”

Dental Sector Collaborator
Graziana Russo

Graziana, our young and talented collaborator in the dental sector, joined our team in 2023. As a chairside assistant, she supports our doctors during procedures. Her excellence lies in her ability to convey confidence to patients, maintaining control even in the most uncomfortable situations.

Second Secretary
Mariagrazia Lauretta

Mariagrazia Lauretta joined the “Studio Guarnaccia” team in 2023 as the new second secretary, working alongside Anna. She is one of the first smiling faces to greet us as soon as we enter the studio. Mariagrazia handles administrative tasks, budgeting, and document registration. She is extremely cheerful and always wears a smile, while also being precise and meticulous in her work.

The Assistant Professor
Adriana Romano

Dr. Adriana Romano joined the multidisciplinary team at Studio Guarnaccia in mid-2023. She is an expert in pediatric dentistry, oro-facial muscle imbalances (SMOF), dysfunctional swallowing, and myofunctional therapy. Additionally, she specializes in managing dysphagia and neurological disorders in adults. With years of experience in the field, her presence adds significant professional value to Studio Guarnaccia and provides an essential service.

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