Dental Anxiety?

Just a bad memory.

Fear of the dentist? Today, nothing to fear.

An incredible number of people neglect their oral health due to fear of a dental visit. An anxiety-prone temperament, a personal memory, or even the account of a traumatic dental experience from close individuals are some of the reasons that push many people to forgo frequent check-ups and preventive care. The result? Serious damage caused by conditions such as neglected periodontal disease (of the gums), resulting in tooth loss, mobility, aesthetic deficit, chewing, and speech. The delayed therapy will naturally be much longer, more burdensome, and undoubtedly more annoying.

So how can you overcome the fear and avoid all this?

If you are asking yourself this question, perhaps you do not know that there are dental clinics (like ours) where fear of the dentist, pain, and an unsatisfactory smile are just a bad memory thanks to gentle and non-invasive treatment methods, which begin with the trust relationship between dentist and patient and are completed with the use of the best technologies capable of reducing fear and pain to zero!

Let’s see them together in detail:

To help the patient overcome the difficulties due to emotional tension and anxiety, a precise strategy and specific organization of the practice are necessary.

The First Visit:

During the first visit and even before the actual diagnosis phase, the dentist who adopts a modern and attentive approach will dedicate the necessary time to understand the needs and characteristics of each individual. Correct communication between the dentist and the patient during the first visit is fundamental: in this initial phase, a relationship is created to deepen the needs for reassurance and support, including psychological support. It is surprising to discover that very often a simple conversation in a serene atmosphere solves most of the problems.

Anxiety Medication:

In our experience, even moderately anxious patients often suffer from anxiety related to the intake of medications in general and often of the same anxiolytic medications. In reality, mild benzodiazepine-based anxiolytics are drugs that, when used under medical supervision, are very safe and if taken in minimal doses before the appointment, they give the patient the serenity to be adequately treated with maximum simplicity.

The Wand atraumatic digital anesthesia:

This is a digital control technological tool that minimizes the discomfort due to local anesthesia at the time of administration, and eliminates the sensation of numbness of lips and tongue, which many find difficult to tolerate.

Conscious Sedation:

In some particular cases or for treatments that require longer times, the support in the studio of the Anesthesiologist for conscious sedation has completely changed the care experience, making it much more serene and safe.

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